What is it that makes us different?

Wall Street Bets Token (WSBT) is a utility token (ERC20) that is used in the WSB.cx ecosystem. You will be able to vote on which stock to bet on. The Wall Street Bets Hedge Fund will invest accordingly and reward the community on successful trades. We are creating Hedge Fund 2.0.


Members Club

WSBT, an exclusive members club



A lucrative ecosystem with high staking rewards.


WSBT Wallet

A Wallet with highest security standards.



Earn rewards by voting on the right stocks.

What can the WSBT Token be used for?

As Token-Holder you will be able to vote on what to bet on. WSBT will become the first utility token to direct a decentralised Hedge Fund’s investment decisions under the democratic supervision of its Token-Holders. WSBT holders will be able to participate in staking and reward programs. Token Holders will earn rewards also based on successful trades on Wall Street.

When it will be listed on the exchanges?

The first Exchange listing will be on June 30th. Wait for official announcement by the Exchange. You will be notified on all WSBT communication channels.

What’s your current roadmap?

Please click on Roadmap in order to see the detailed plan of future developments.

WSBT Voting Platform

An innovative
ecosystem directing a Hedge Fund

Hedge Fund 2.0. The first Hedge Fund directed by a Token community.

More details

WSBT Exchange - an innovative Exchange trading your preferred Assets, IOU's, etc.

WSBT is a cryptocurrency exchange built by traders, for traders.

We strive to build a platform powerful enough for professional trading firms and intuitive enough for first-time users. WSBT will support trading in perpetual futures for all major cryptocurrencies, IOU’s, and many other assets.

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No Hidden Fees

Zero Maker Fees, 0.07% Taker Fees. Transparent, Tight Spreads, Fast settlement.

Cost Efficient

WSBT doesn’t charge any withdrawal fees.

Deposits & Withdrawals

Simple access and account feeding with Crypto and Fiat.

Secure Cold Storage

We store your valuable assets in the most secure environment possible.

Simple onboarding

We want the most user-friendly platform which is good for professional investors as well as private individuals.

Long Term Wealth

We are here for the Longterm. The next decade is going to be fantastic for the Crypto-World and we are here with you to ride the next generation developments.

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ERC-20 contract address: 0x05fE7535D46481cE9Cb1944fc403a74230dFeCBF
WSBT Deployer address: 0x8aD9ac1Bad763affFAB45c6c85F854D8fC17a730
Total Supply: 420'000'000 WSBT