is the first Token Ecosystem able to direct a Hedge Funds investment decision.

WSB.CX is launching a Voting Platform where Token Holders will have the exclusive right to trade decisions. Token Holders will also have the exclusive right to a Live View of what investments the Wall Street Bets Hedge Fund is entering and exiting. We will outsmart Wall Street’s “Smart Money” by reuniting forces.

The ecosystem will offer several features. You will be able to earn high APR staking your Token, you will also earn performance fees from the Hedge Fund by voting on the stocks to bet on. is developing as well a Wallet and an Exchange, where you will be able to trade IOU’s, Derivatives and Cryptos. Further to that, WSBT Holders will be exclusive Members of the community with inside information to the Hedge Fund’s activity and also get access to a special Share Class for Token Holders.

We are creating a voting platform where you can put your Tokens at work by deciding where to bet on Wall Street and earn high rewards by staking them. The Token holders will get access to privileged information by knowing what the Hedge Fund is doing and profit from market moves. The Wall Street Bets Token Platform will become an exclusive Club like the restricted “Value Investor Club” where only first class Hedge Fund Managers have access to. Benefits for longterm investors are huge.

r/WallStreetBets is a decentralized Reddit community with nearly 10mio users that is causing chaos on Wall Street by discussing trades and creating finally big market moves. It became globally known by the Gamestop short squeeze that happened in February and it’s still ongoing now. We where inspired by actively participating in the Forum and had the idea to create a Token that will drive the investment decisions of a Hedge Fund.

The big milestones for 2021 will be the exchange listing on 30th June 2021 (first Exchange already approved our listing and we are working on others). The Launch of the Testnet in Q3 and Mobile Apps in Q4.

You can currently buy the WSBT Token at 0.42$ per Token directly on our Webpage. Click on Buy Now to redirect to the Buying Page.
The Token will be used in the platform ecosystem to vote on the investment decisions of the Wall Street Bets Hedge Fund. The Token will earn rewards from the Performance Fees of the Hedge Fund and are needed to get preferential share class access to the Hedge Fund. Further to that you will be able to earn staking rewards.

Market volatility is certainly big at the moment and many tokens and coins are volatile. Our Token will be supported by high rewards and as of my experience, high yielding assets create an interesting asset with recurring interest and steady growth. We don’t have a specific group of audience in mind – our target audience is interested in markets in general, from commodities to stock market to cryptos. Yielding asset classes always have been for investments. We are creating a value token.

We are inspired and member of the official r/WallStreetBets Forum but not related to any of the current Mods. As you might be aware of, the current Mods are not open for any Crypto related talks. We want to give the members of the subreddit and other interested parties a chance to be part of a community driving investment decisions and have thus created this Token.

Anybody is able to create a Token on the Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain. Always check carefully when investing into a project. Don’t just send funds to an unknown project. Do your due diligence prior to investing. We have decided to go the classic way and do an ICO. Our Token’s Genesis was on January 30th 2021, unlike many others that just had the idea a couple of weeks ago and are trying to raise money via DEX exchanges without even having a Developers Team nor a Whitepaper. Safe investing to all!

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Total Supply: 420'000'000 WSBT