WSBT is the

First Token Ecosystem to drive a Hedge Funds investment strategy

Hedge Fund 2.0.

WSBT Token Holders are in the driving seat of an innovative Hedge Fund Strategy. Be part of the first Hedge Fund driven by an exclusive community.

Our Mission

Hedge Fund 2.0

Market inefficiencies and crowded trades are the result of loose monetary policy and ample of liquidity the FED pumped into the system over the Covid-19 crisis. Gamestop was the poster child on how the mass of retail investors can attack crowded trades and force several Hedge Funds and other traders to reassess their strategies and exposure. Our mission is to find such trades and successfully lead future price action with the help of a big community. Research Team

Finding good trades is not an easy task. The Research Team will help finding interesting opportunities in the market with in-depth analysis reports. As Token holder you will have exclusive access to valuable reports. Execution Team

Trade execution will be done by seasoned Portfolio Managers with market experience.

Performance Fees

WSBT Token Holders will earn Performance Fees from the Hedge Fund. Earn rewards by putting your WSBT to work. How? By voting on the investments the Hedge Fund will enter. How simple is that. will offer several other interesting features

Access to IOU’s, Derivatives and Cryptocurrencies. A state of the art Wallet with the latest security features. Staking and investment rewards. An exclusive Members Club. Access to a special Share Class in the Hedge Fund with privileged Management Fees.

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