announced a slight delay into starting the ICO Crowdsale Funding Round that was originally planned to be running throughout the month of May. As the Pre-ICO was also delayed by 15 days we will gain enough time to finalise all Pre-ICO contracts that were still pending. A new Website was also deployed by May 15th.

New ICO dates are May 15th to June 15th 2021.

The Telegram Airdrop was a big success and run until¬†May 14th, 2021. A total of 50 Winners received 1’000 WSBT Token. also announced several new Team Members joining the Wall Street Bets Token Project. Khanh Vu, Blockchain Analyst and Community Manager for the APAC Region, Trung Do, Head of DevOps, Nic Cabunillas as Front Stack Developer.

Founded by Ex-Investment Banker Kaneko Yukinaga, Wall Street Bets Token has created the innovative Platform Project that will link the Crypto World to Wall Street. WSBT will be the first Utility Token that is actively able to decide investments of a Hedge Fund investing in stocks, creating Hedge Fund 2.0. Find more information about the ICO on

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WSBT Deployer address: 0x8aD9ac1Bad763affFAB45c6c85F854D8fC17a730
Total Supply: 420'000'000 WSBT