Road to success

Roadmap developing the most innovative Hedge Fund launch of 2022. The Wall Street Bets Hedge Fund.

Q1 2021

Pre-ICO phase

Private Sale
Team forming

Q2 2021

ICO phase

Community engagement
Rewarding Program Development
ICO Crowdsale and Listing on Exchanges

Q3 2021

Testnet phase

Launch Reward Program
Launch Testnet

Q4 2021

Apps phase

Launch Wallet
Launch Mobile Apps

Q1 2022

Mainnet phase

Launch Mainnet
Asset Manager License

Q2 2022

Hedge Fund phase

Hedge Fund Launch
Fund raising
Special share Class for Token Holders

Q3 2022

Prime Broker Phase

Prime Broker Onboarding Finalised
First Trades

Q4 2022

Other Developments

IOU, Derivatives and Crypto Exchange
Further Developments and Enhancements

Roadmap News

Development is ongoing. Find attached the latest News about the platform development.

May 15th, 2021
January 30th, 2021

Genesis day

WSBT Token was born as a ERC20 utility Token. In the middle of the GME short squeeze, the stock trading over 400$, an idea came alive. A community driving a Hedge Fund.
February 13th, 2021

The idea of Hedge Fund 2.0 starts to progress

While we where busy trading Gamestop, AMC and other heavily shorted stocks, we where also working on what WSBT will offer to the ecosystem. We bought Gamestop on the first rise from 80 to over 200, tried to short too early and got stopped – successfully shorted it then from 300 to 200 and bought it once again as we where trading around 100. Selling it shortly after at 180. What a rollercoaster. We also traded AMC from 7 to 10 and unfortunately sold it way too early.
March 30th, 2021

Pre-ICO extended to April 15th, 2021

Marketing efforts started late in March, reason why we extended the Pre-ICO to April 15th, 2021.
April 9th, 2021

Melvin Capital announced having lost 49% in Q1.

Melvin Capital, founded by Gabe Plotkin, is not the only victim of the Gamestop short squeeze, but probably the most renowned Hedge Fund that lost a huge amount of money in Q1 2021. On the first squeeze, estimates of losses from Hedge Funds where around 20bn U$.
May 5th 2021
May 5th, 2021

Several new Team Members announced

Khanh Vu, Blockchain Analyst and Community Manager for the APAC Region and Trung Do, Head of DevOps and Nicole Eric Cabunillas joined the Wall Street Bets Token Development Team as Full Stack Developer.
May 15th, 2021

ICO Crowdsale starts

After several weeks of preparation work, the long awaited Crowdsale starts.

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