Hongkong – March 22nd, 2021 (PR FIRE) – Recently, WSB.cx has announced the ICO of the Wall Street Bets Token WSBT. A Utility Token able to drive a Hedge Funds investment decision on the WSB.cx voting platform.

David taking down Goliath

Small investors can take down big Hedge Funds if they join forces, the recent price actions in GME and several other heavily shorted stocks on Wall Street have shown. What happened to Melvin Capital, Citron Research and other big Funds during the February 2021 short squeeze is certainly replicable to other stocks, worldwide.

WSBT is a ERC20 utility token that will be used on the WSB.cx voting platform. Token holders will be able to vote on what stocks the newly created Hedge Fund will apply its funds and earn rewards by staking their tokens as well as earn rewards with successful trades. Further to that, Token holders will have a preferential entry ticket to a special share class of the Hedge Fund with Zero Management Fees. WSB.cx will be an exclusive club with preferential information like the restricted “Value Investor Club” on Wall Street. The VIC is a rare medium where partners at hedge funds anonymously discuss stocks with investors. We will create a similar exclusive club where Token Holders will have access to privileged information and participate to successful trades.

WSB.cx is a bridge between Wall Street and the Crypto world

The main goal of WSB.cx is to create an ecosystem where Token holders will have privileged information and a voting platform driving investments of a Hedge Fund on Wall Street. The bridge between Wall Street and the Crypto world is unique. Imagine to be able to see in advance the effects of hundreds of investors joining a trade idea and you being on the driving seat of it.

 The economy of the WSB.cx platform is based on the WSBT token. The ICO is running from May 15th to June 15h and the buying price for the WSBT Token is at 0.42$ per Token. Having a WSBT Token opens up the way to a number of amenities and financial benefits. These include access to a special share class without Management Fees, rewards on successful trades, staking and other reward programs that will be dedicated to Token holders.

The exact rules of Token distribution and a detailed roadmap showing the planned stages of WSB.cx development are described in the Whitepaper.

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ERC-20 contract address: 0x05fE7535D46481cE9Cb1944fc403a74230dFeCBF
WSBT Deployer address: 0x8aD9ac1Bad763affFAB45c6c85F854D8fC17a730
Total Supply: 420'000'000 WSBT